If you're a Black entrepreneur with a tech-based startup, the Google Black Founders Fund offers a unique opportunity to boost your venture. This program is designed to support Black founders, providing access to capital and resources necessary to scale and make a positive impact in their communities.

About the Google Black Founders Fund

Google for Startups launched the Black Founders Fund to address the disproportionate hurdles Black tech entrepreneurs face in raising capital. Since its inception in 2020, the fund has provided substantial support to numerous startups, helping them secure crucial capital for success. The program not only offers financial assistance but also deep mentorship and training from Googlers.

Who Can Apply?

The fund is open to Black founders across various continents, including Africa, with technology-based products or services in the early or growth phase. To be eligible, your startup should demonstrate the potential to scale and have a Black founder in an active leadership role.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Application Page: Go to the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund application page at Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.
  2. Check Eligibility: Make sure your startup meets the required criteria. Your business should be based in an eligible country and in the early stage or growth phase.
  3. Submit Your Application: Fill out the application form with all the necessary details about your startup and its impact potential.

Benefits of the Program

The program provides numerous benefits, including:

Cash awards to help your startup grow without giving up equity.

A chance to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Personalized mentorship and training from Google experts.

Deadline for Application

Be sure to apply before the deadline, which is typically announced on the application page. This ensures your startup gets considered for this round of funding.

 The Google Black Founders Fund is an excellent opportunity for Black entrepreneurs in the tech space to gain the financial support and guidance needed to elevate their businesses. By applying for this fund, you can unlock new growth opportunities and join a community that fosters innovation and success.

For more detailed information and to start your application, visit the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund page​